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Jacob's Ladder - Christmas Eve Special Offering
Jacob's Ladder is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has been serving Preble County for the last 5 years. We provide food "back sacks" that go home with students every Friday, to provide two breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the weekend. We work closely with every school in the county to ensure that student confidentially is protected and that we are helping as many children as we can. We service: National Trail, Eaton, Preble Shawnee, Tri County North, Twin Valley South, Head Start of Eaton, and the ESC Alternative School. Currently we are providing "back sacks" for 255 students, and only have 17 students sponsored for the entire year. Sponsorship of a child is $15 a month, based on the cost of purchasing the food is $3.00 a bag. We rely heavily on the support of our communities and businesses since we are completely funded by donation. We also cannot function without our volunteers that pack each bag at our monthly packs, that pick up and deliver the bags to the schools, and that help us reach out to our families with Thanksgiving and Easter meals, food and clothing donations, as well as sponsorship of a family each year at Christmas. Our Christmas family in the past have been from the Twin Valley South School district, the Eaton Community School district, and this year is from the National Trail Local School district.
Our mission/vision is two-fold. We want to provide the physical need of food for children that are in circumstances that they cannot control/impact, as well as plant the seed of hope through God's word. We operate as a faith-based organization because God has provided everything for us, every step of the way. We pray and seek guidance/confirmation about the decisions that we make, and want to be God's hands and feet by meeting a physical need. At the end of every pack we try to share encouraging words from devotionals, or scripture that God has placed on our hearts. We, along with our pack volunteers, pray over the food and bags for not only blessing the food for nourishment of the children, but to allow this act of kindness and the Bible verse inside the bag to plant the seed of God's word. As an employee of a school system I see the need for this program every day and am humbled every time that kid gets excited to take their "back sack" home. It is as honor to serve in this capacity, since it allows me (as the teacher) to help my students in need outside of the walls of my school.
We need to always be on the prayer list, whether it is to follow God's will in our decision making process, that he will use us to be his hands and feet, or for the finances to meet the demand that our schools see. Every school we serve has children on a "waiting list" to receive our "back sacks". Since we operate solely on donations, we can barely order food ahead of time, because the funds are not always available. We would love to increase our numbers, but we cannot yet afford to purchase the food we need to finish this school year.